My name is Jim Brown. No, I’m not the legendary former NFL football player that carries the same name. Nor am I the “Godfather of Soul” though my full name is James. I am an expert with more than 25 years’ experience helping teens and young adults overcome barriers so they achieve more success. I am a lifelong resident of Springfield Ohio. I am a graduate of Springfield North High School where I lettered in baseball and football. Following graduation I continued my athletic career at the College of Wooster, an NCAA Division III school in Wooster, Ohio where I majored in Sociology and again lettered in both sports. “I grew up playing sports. I loved competing and truth be told, I didn’t want to give that up.

Following graduation, I began my professional career of more than 25 years designing, running, and overseeing programs to help teens and young adults identify and overcome barriers to success and achievement. When I was younger, a lot of people—coaches, athletic director’s, parents, etc.—talked about the powerful life lessons sports teach us. That is all true. During my sports career, I experienced both successful and unsuccessful teams. I was a member of teams that lost more than they won, but also teams that hardly ever lost.

About ten years ago, my young nieces and nephews began participating in youth sports. As I frequently attended to support them, I observed a major problem in the way we do youth sports. We focus almost all of our efforts on physical skill development. While this is vital for every athlete, I saw young athletes struggling more as a result of lack of non-physical skills which impacted their ability to successfully perform. I believe we are failing to develop the “whole athlete” and this sets them up for failure. That’s why I designed this model; to provide what is missing for most young athletes.

For the last five years, I’ve been using my knowledge and experience helping individual athletes and teams identify and remove barriers to success and achievement. I use my combined athletic and professional experience to tailor an individualized athlete development program designed to optimize performance of each individual athlete or team. I call this my FIT4Success Athlete Development Model. You can lean much more about this within this website.

Do you have a talented middle or high school athlete who, despite hours of practice, falls short of their potential during competitions or games? I specialize in optimizing young athletes’ potential and game play so that they truly shine when it matters most.

If you are a youth sports parent, I provide a free initial no obligation consultation to discuss your youth athlete’s unique situation. I’ll give you up to 45 minutes to share your athlete’s current situation and determine if your athlete would benefit from working with me. SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION BY CLICKING THIS LINK TO ACCESS MY ELECTRONIC CALENDAR.