What is Peak Performance Coaching?
That can’t be answered without defining peak performance. Peak performance is achieving your highest level of performance in your athletic competition. As athletes we should always strive to perform at the best of our current ability and have a plan to advance that ability level further in the future. Peak performance coaching is not counseling. The peak performance coaching I do is not focused on physical conditioning, physical skill improvement, or related to helping you become physically stronger. However, these are all impacted when the student-athlete engages in the performance coaching process. I leave the physical skill development and conditioning to your coaches and trainers. My focus is helping student-athletes identify strategies to develop mental, emotional, and spiritual skills that help improve athletic performance.

Why should my student-athlete participate?
Studies show that on average, most coaches spend 10% or less of their time addressing the mental and emotional aspects of performance. Odds are, your child is not getting what I provide and if they are one of the few, odds are they are just getting brief exposure. Studies also show that athletes who receive mental skills training outperform those who do not.

Who needs it?
Every athlete can benefit from Peak Performance Coaching. Here are some specific examples:

  • Those performing beneath their ability.
  • Those struggling to perform under game / competitive conditions.
  • Those who have reached a plateau and want to bust through to new achievement levels.
  • Those who want to gain an edge on the competition from learning the mental and emotional performance improvement methods used by college, Olympic, and professional athletes.
  • Those who have been injured and are recovering.

How much does it cost?
The costs vary depending upon the chosen method of performance coaching / consulting. I have worked with individual athletes, groups of athletes, or teams. I have been called in to address a specific problem. Arrangements can be hourly, seasonal, or monthly all-inclusive. Some coaches or programs have arranged for team performance coaching / consulting and paid a team rate out of raised funds resulting in no direct costs to the athlete or parent.

Why should I pay for it?
Odds are this is the only way your student-athlete is going to get this type of performance improvement training until and unless they reach college or are an Olympic athlete. Most parents pay for personal physical skill training to assist their child in developing their physical skills in the form of individual training, clinics, camps, etc. Most forget about addressing the mental, emotional, and spiritual skills that help athletes succeed and perform at high levels.

How will my athlete benefit?
First, I’ll help your athlete identify and address any performance barriers interfering with optimal performance. Then your athlete will gain a clear vision of the level of performance he or she is striving to achieve. This is followed with an honest evaluation of the current level and a plan to get from the current level to the optimal level. Finally, we’ll build in accountability to measure progress and determine course corrections as you athlete progresses on his/her plan.

Who should attend?
Peak Performance Coaching / Consulting is appropriate for:

  • Any student-athlete desiring improved athletic performance.
  • Any student-athlete desiring the benefits from improved mental and emotional toughness.
  • Any student-athlete struggling with performance including those with decreased confidence, performance anxiety, fear of failure, fear of success, those experiencing a performance plateau, those experiencing a “slump,” those who would like to identify their peak performance zone and be able to call on it during competition to ensure they perform at the height of their ability.

What can I expect?
If your athlete has the desire to play better and achieve more with their athletic performance, I can help. If your athlete wants more confidence, more focus, and overall improved performance, I can help.

How will it help me as an athlete?
Performance coaching / consulting will help you increased focus, confidence, and the ability to “get into the performance zone” which leads to consistently higher athletic performance. This can lead to more recognition, scholarship offers, and an overall greater sense of personal satisfaction. Once theses skills are learned, they are also applicable to other areas of life, such as school, work, personal relationships, etc

How does this benefit me as a parent?
As the parent of a youth athlete, you invest a great deal of time and money providing the opportunity for your child to participate in sports. If you are investing in elite, select, travel, competitive, AAU, etc athletics, you are investing in aiding your child in physical skill development, possible exposure, etc. You likely also send them to camps or private coaching in the physical skills necessary to succeed in their chosen sport. You should view the FIT4Success Performance Coaching and Consulting as an important complement to all you are currently doing to make it more effective. As your child advances to higher levels of competition, they will be faced with competitors with equal or greater physical talent. All of the competitors will have physical skill and ability. Not all will have acquired and be effectively using the mental, emotional, and spiritual skills I will teach your youth athlete.

How will it benefit me as a coach?
Coaches benefit from having mentally, emotionally, and spiritually FIT athletes who are focused, coachable, goal oriented, achievement focused, and confident in their ability. This leads to greater individual and team performance.

What type of athlete should participate?
I only want to work with athletes who desire their beast level of performance and the motivation to achieve their goals.

Why is it important?
I fully believe and the research supports it is vital we focus on development of the whole person and not just the physical skill development of the athlete. While this is important to all athletes, without mental, emotional, and spiritual strength to complement the physical skills, peak performance is not possible. Only a fraction of full potential will be reached.