Coming this Friday!

I am making an adjustment to my weekly blog.

Going forward, my weekly blog will be more in alignment with the FIT4Success Athlete Development System.

Each week, the blog will contain 4 sections for youth athletes, parents, and coaches.

Consistent with my FIT4Success Athlete Development System, each week I will hi-light a component of each of the 4 key performance factors; Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical FITness.

I believe in a wholistic approach to athlete development which integrates all 4 key areas in Athlete development.

Too often, when we think of developing a young athlete, we stay within the “silo” of cultivating their physical skills and talents.

Silo’ s are great when used to store grain.

They are not so great when it comes to developing young athletes.

Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs impact physical performance!

Once athlete’s recognize this, they can begin to harness the full power of getting their beliefs, thoughts, and feelings in alignment with their desired performance.

Stay tuned, the new and improved FIT4Success Bog starts Friday.