This week, I am taking a break from the recent format to discuss something super important to every athlete. It is a subject that you can learn and master as an athlete. It is also something that will aid you beyond sports as it is applicable in every area of your life.

The subject this week is goal setting and achievement. Everyone dreams about what they want to achieve as an athlete. From a young age, we imagine being on the pitchers mound with the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the 9th inning in the World Series. Or, being the batter in that same situation. We dream about being the “hero” and being able to excel when it matters and means the most. It doesn’t matter what sport you participate in. The above example was with baseball. The same applies to softball, track and field, basketball, soccer, swimming and diving, etc. It doesn’t matter what sport you are passionate about. If you are passionate about it, you undoubtedly think and dream about successful situations which you win or help your team win. It’s something we all do.

But, how do we transfer those visions of success into actionable goals?

First, understand that God designed us as “goal seeking beings.” We are designed with a built in brain and nervous system unique to us as human beings. But, it’s important to understand how it works because it can work both for or against you!

That’s right. We can set ourselves up for success or failure depending upon our understanding (or lack of it) of how to use this built in success seeking system.

We all have it. It exists within all of us. Successful athletes and people in all walks of life have been using it for a long time. Some tried to keep it a secret. Others have been teaching how to harness it’s power. I want you to learn how to harness it’s power!


Good, then lets get started.

First, understand that the “mental snapshots” or pictures you create in your mind are very powerful. As I stated above, we are designed as goal seeking. Those pictures we create in our minds are very powerful. They start the goal seeking process. Your brain, nervous, and muscular system then act to achieve that goal you picture. This built in system doesn’t judge whether the outcome is good or bad. It just seeks to achieve the mental snapshot you provide it. That’s why it is so vital that you take control and become fully aware of the mental snapshots you feed your goal seeking system.

How do you do that? There are many ways. While everyone is unique and will settle into a process that works best for them, there are some basics that everyone can use. First, make sure you are feeding your brain positive mental snapshots. They need to be pictures of success, great execution, and the result or outcome you desire.

Many times as athletes, we replay over and over in our heads mistakes. While there is a process you can incorporate the review and correction of mistakes, you can’t continually feed your brain mental snapshots of failures. That is a recipe for continues struggle. You are using the built in system to seek more failure. I know that’s not what you want.

Step 1, you need to see yourself succeeding, winning, executing, and thriving under pressure. Feed your mind positive, success oriented, mental snapshots.

What you really need to do is learn how to incorporate sports imagery/visualization into your regular daily habits. When you spend 15 minutes a day vividly imagining yourself performing, succeeding, and excelling, you are feeding this built in goal seeking system what it needs to help you achieve your goals.

Study after study and testimony after testimony from athletes who incorporate visualization into their daily routine tout the improved results.

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Step 2, you need to develop an affirmation that supports your goal. This is a positive statement you will repeat to yourself over and over in your mind. It needs to be positively stated. It needs to be in the present tense and not future oriented. No “I will be” but rather “I am”.

Include feeling words such as: confidently, effortlessly, smoothly, strongly, etc.

You need to use action words such as: pitching, hitting, swinging, shooting, defending, etc.


I am enjoying pitching confidently and effortlessly.

I am seeing the ball well and making hard contact with every swing.

I am reading my defender and consistently getting the quality shots I want.

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Step 3, combine the first two. Create a regular routine where you use your mental snapshots, visualization, combined with your positive affirmations. I suggest daily.

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Now, I want to share the icing on the cake.

I was recently reading in my copy of The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. I was reviewing the section on goal setting. I came across a very interesting study he referenced in the book.

There was a group of people from the US, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

They were divided into 5 groups.

Group 1 simply was asked to think deeply about the goals they wanted to achieve over the next 4 weeks.

Group 2, 3, 4, and 5 were asked to do the same as Group 1 but also write down their goals.

Group 3 was asked to develop a list of action commitments supporting their goals.

Group 4 was asked to do the same as Group 3 but also send their goals and action commitments to a friend.

Group 5 was asked to do all of the above, and provide a weekly progress report to a friend.

Here are the results:

Wow, see the difference?

When you picture and think about your goals, write them down, create action steps, share those goals and action steps, and give weekly reports on them, you increase the possibility of achieving your goals.

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