My family has been extremely blessed to work with Jim Brown. He has invested greatly in both of my children’s lives. My son and daughter have worked with him to mentally prepare for basketball but also for challenges in life as well. He has provided them with the tools to be successful while encouraging them to reach their full potential. Jim realizes that what might work for one does not always work for all. He goes out of his way to send a encouraging text or make a phone call when he knows they are struggling to stay mentally focused. I truly appreciate his dedication and passion when working with the youth. His positive attitude and love for Christ are very evident in how he relates to those he is helping. I am truly grateful for his talent that has helped my children to become better communicators, problem solvers and more goal oriented.


Thank you so much for all of your guidance and coaching with Weston. He had a good soccer season, a great basketball season, and so far a good start to his baseball season. Your work with him made a noticeable difference. Thank you!

Justin and Tera

I consider my family blessed to have had the privilege of Jim Brown working with my teen athletes. He is a man who loves His Jesus and demonstrates His Christian beliefs in his life. He is patient, kind and deeply passionate to help these athletes reach their full potential. Jim Brown’s fresh perspective on “the game” is far more than just for athletic gain, instead he is teaching core values that will ignite these teens futures in such a positive way. I believe strongly that every teen could benefit from his teaching methods. I am beyond thankful for the gifts he has given my kids making them stronger communicators, calmer athletes, and dedicated visionaries for reaching their goals.


Jim Brown has helped me not only begin to tackle multiple problems in my life, but also overcome them. I have learned how to stay focused in the midst of adversity, how to encourage others even when life is not going my way, how to have confidence in degrading situations, and how to rely on God through it all. In addition to helping me with obstacles I confront when I play sports, he has also given me the tools I need to feel confident in important life choices I am currently making. Jim has always gone the extra mile in everything he does, whether it is coming to several of my basketball games, sending me encouraging text messages throughout the week, or constantly searching for tools that will help me overcome my struggles. One of the most unique characteristics about Jim is that he is eager to integrate a relationship with Jesus and the Christian faith into the tools I use to combat the issues I face. Throughout our time together he has always been supportive and encouraged me to spend time in God’s Word, rely on Him to overcome my obstacles, and ultimately grow in my faith. In short, Jim has not only provided me with the tools I need to face obstacles both in sports and in my daily life, but has gone above and beyond to do all he can to help me, has never given up even when circumstances were not ideal, and has continually encouraged and integrated my Christian faith into the entire process.

High School Athlete

I think what you are doing is so important. I raised 2 D1 college athletes and it was such an emotional roller coaster for ALL of us.. Healthy competition is not always “healthy”.