I have hit on this a little bit before.

The World of Youth Sports has become a big money making machine.

John O’Sullivan with Changing the Game Project talked about the professionalization of youth sports in his recent blog. It’s a great read and you can find it here.

His blog points out many problems the current youth sports model creates.

I and many other youth experts agree with him.

The big money making youth sports machine is rolling on and we are all being sold A BIG LIE.

What’s the big lie?

The big lie comes in many forms but it boils down to:

You have to do it!

That’s the answer I frequently get when talking to parents.

“We have to do it.”

The answer has been said to many different questions I’ve asked from time to time.

I’ve asked:

Why do you have your athlete specialize in 1 sport?

Why is your athlete playing year round __________ (insert their chosen sport)?

Why is your athlete playing select, travel, elite _______________ (insert chosen sport)?

Why is your athlete participating in individual skill development training?

Why do you invest so much time and money into your athlete’s youth sports?

It does not matter the age, gender, or sport of the athlete. The answer is always the same.

We have to.

There is slight variation in the response to my follow up question; Why?

Here are some of the main ones:

to keep up with everyone else.

to keep from falling behind.

to give them the best chance to succeed.

to help them get better.

to give them a chance for a scholarship.

because if we don’t, my son/daughter will be passed up by everyone else.

The current youth sports world is totally focused on PHYSICAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT; what I call Physical FITness.

And to be fair, it does a great job of teaching young athletes the physical skills they need to succeed in their chosen sport.

Focusing 100% of training on Physical FITness fails to prepare athletes to succeed as they advance in sports.

That’s part of the big lie the current youth sports world is perpetuating.

Parents are committing time, money, and much effort at developing their child’s physical talent for their chosen sport because “you have to” in order to “give them the best chance to succeed”

The problem is, this is not preparing them to succeed.

It’s setting them up to fail.


Because 80-90% of mistakes in competition have a mental or emotional basis.

That’s why Olympic, collegiate, and professional sports athlete development programs include training in those areas.

They know when elite athletes with similar skill, ability, and talent compete, this is what makes the difference in winning or losing.

That’s why I believe we are setting our young athletes up to fail.

When we focus only on developing their physical talent, we do not adequately prepare them.

True champions don’t just have physical ability.

True champions have the heart, mind, and soul, as well as the body of a champion!

They know all work together.

Weakness in any of the 4 hinders performance.

Peak performance requires all 4 working together.

Physical FITness

Mental FITness

Emotional FITness

Spiritual FITness

When an athlete is physically strong, mentally strong, emotionally strong, and spiritually strong, he is what I call FIT4Success!

The Big Lie does not prepare most athletes for success!

I know of nobody else who is teaching young athletes how all of these work together.

There may be others out there but I’m not aware of them.

There are many great skill development trainers in every sport.

There are great sports psychologists and “mental conditioning” coaches.

But until your athlete reaches Olympic, collegiate, or professional level sports, training in those areas tends to never happen.

There are great counselors and mental health experts working with some programs on managing emotions.

Again, typically only after they advance to the top, elite of the elite where everyone is skilled and talented.

There are organizations like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and Athletes in Action (AIA) that help address the spiritual needs of athletes.


That’s why I am.

I was a multi-sport athlete in high school and college.

I spent 25 years designing programs to meet the needs of youth.

Over those years I worked directly with or supervised programs working with more than 1,000 children, teens, and young adults.

Now, my purpose is to use my knowledge and expertise to help middle and high school student-athletes identify and remove barriers to success and achievement!

For the past 8 years I’ve been working with a select few individual athletes and teams.

I have been testing, reviewing, and revising a comprehensive athlete development system for middle and high school athletes.

I have worked with athletes varying in ages from 8 to 18.

I have worked with individual athletes and teams.

I have kept it kind of quiet and low key.

I’ve combined what I’ve learned into a 90-day personal development program for middle and high school athletes.


Now, I’m introducing my FIT4Success Athlete Development System!

Here is a Birds-eye View:


Do you have a skilled middle or high school athlete with the drive to succeed now while also preparing for achievement at the next level?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is, in 90 days or less, to harness the power of all 4 drivers of athletic performance so your athlete maximizes their current talent while preparing to compete at the next level!


If you have an athlete meeting this description, are ready to stop buying into the big lie, and think you may be interested in learning about an opportunity to participate in a limited offer to try my FIT4Success Athlete Development System, I invite you to sign up for a free-live Zoom Video Conference where I will share more information and answer questions.

You can register here.

During the Live Zoom discussion, I’ll be sharing information for a 1-time first run offer limited to 25 middle and high school athletes.

These 25 athletes will have the opportunity to experience the FIT4Success Athlete Development System at a 1-time only reduced rate which I will announce during the discussion.

You can register here

Bonus #1: Mental & Emotional Barrier Self-Evaluation (Currently FREE): In February of 2018, I surveyed youth sports parents and coaches in my LinkedIn and FaceBook networks from around the country.

I asked only 2 questions.

  1. Would you be interested in a screening tool to identify the most common mental and emotional barriers experienced by youth athletes?
  2. If that tool were available for free, would you use it?

The response was pretty telling.

90% responded Yes to question 1 and 97% said Yes to question 2!

I have created it, and it’s yours free just for registering for the FREE Zoom Discussion!

This tool is an easy to use self-rating evaluation which identifies the 10 most common “unseen” factors that inhibit athletic performance. Register and it’s yours FREE.

Bonus #2: FREE 30-minute FIT4Success Athlete Breakthrough Session ($50.00 value): Everyone who registers will receive a complementary 30 minute FIT4Success Athlete Breakthrough Session.

This FIT4Success Athlete Breakthrough Session will be a 1 to 1 telephone discussion used for 1 of 2 purposes:

  1. If you have downloaded and your athlete has completed the Mental & Emotional Barrier Self-Evaluation prior to the Breakthrough Session, we will discuss the results, identify where your athlete should direct self-improvement efforts, and identify at least 1 strategy to improve the identified area.
  2. If you have not downloaded and completed the Mental & emotional Barrier Self-Evaluation, I’ll walk it though and assist you in completing it. Any remaining time will identify areas to focus improvement efforts.

Bonus #3: Announced at the conclusion of the Zoom Meeting ($100 value)

Again, You can register here and claim your Bonuses!


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