Traditional Physical Skill Development (Body)

When we think of athlete development most of us think of helping youth athletes develop the physical fundamentals and skills to perform in the chosen sport. As youth advance in sport there is increased focus on preparing the body for success. This takes many forms; strength training, conditioning, and training focused on advancing the skills needed to succeed in the sport such as ball handling, shooting form, using both hands, footwork, boxing out, etc. in basketball. There are very skilled coaches and trainers for every sport who are gifted in helping young athletes develop these skills. However, few are skilled at integrating the mental, emotional, and spiritual skills along with the physical skills that better prepare the young athlete to succeed in highly competitive youth sports environments. In fact, many unknowingly hinder performance due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of the impact of Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual FITness on performance. This type of training is based upon the Developmental Model of Youth Sports while the youth sports world that currently exists is more based upon the Professional Model.